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"Sounds exciting! - Let's do it." This is how we originate reliable
Musashi brand products to the world.

Musashi Global Vision 2020

"The integrated production system" allows Musashi group to produce high quality, low cost products, and other original "Precision forging technologies" and "Global supply systems". These unique ideas and technologies are the essence of this Musashi group.
Taking this 70th anniversary as an opportunity, we established "Musashi Global Vision 2020" to refine such originalities and make a significant leap forward to the future. We are accelerating to realize the concept of "Sounds exciting" under the banner of "Be Unique!!"

"Be Unique!!" What is the definition of Musashi's uniqueness? It is to consistently create differences between ourselves and others, then integrate the differences into the growth of our company. We aim for "growing" as a company and we aim for "growing" of each of our associate, as well, through these activities.
The three key words, Differentiation, Integration, and Growth, abbreviated to "D.I.G.", are designed to convey the need to "deeply explore". This sense of exploration is at the heart of our Corporate Mission statement: "We will continue to explore and develop our original Monozukuri.

  Differentiation ----- To place value on individual characteristics and diverse ideas; creating differences between ourselves, others and the past.  
  Integration ----- To create new value by integrating all of our efforts with the latest technology.  
  Growth ----- To keep striving to achieve our dreams with a strong determination.  
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