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Global Presence

“Generate trust and prosperity through quality” and “Provide products pleased by our customers”, we work on quality assurance to provide our customers with better products.

Quality Policy

Meet customer needs accurately, respond to a change flexibly and speedily, and provide top level products in the world to gain customers’ trust from Quality, Cost and Delivery perspectives.

Quality Management System, Preventive Action, and Constitution Improvement

"Quality Management System

Establishing quality management based on the ISO/TS16949 requirements, we have a system to provide products which satisfy customer quality requirements. All of our production sites are promoting the establishment of a quality management system to meet the ISO/TS16949 standards. As of now, 10 sites have been certified and 2 more are expected to be certified.

Quality Assurance for New Model Launch (M-FLO)

We adopt M-FLO, a management flow for new model development/ launch in all production sites. We follow M-FLO to carry out evaluation/ judgment on quality, production capability, and cost in each phase from planning to mass production. Quality, in particular, is evaluated and judged in each phase to make sure preventive action against quality defects is studied fully for preventing the recurrence of defects.

Overview of Quality Assurance for New Model Launch (M-FLO)

QCD Constitution Improvement Activity (M-QCD)

For a stronger “Monozukuri” or manufacturing, we are working on improving the corporate constitution to level our strengths by examining a quality/production system and process control from a common and objective perspective and by strengthening potential weaknesses.

Overview of QCD Constitution Improvement Activity (M-QCD)