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Four Wheelers

Four Wheelers

Differential Assembly
At Musashi India we are currently supplying Musashi designed differential assemblies to our esteemed customer. We manufacture net shaped forging finished bevel gears using hot and cold forging technology.
Musashi provide in-depth product support to prospective OEM clients based on its vast industry experience and product expertise. With our five decades of know-how of bevel gear & differential we can support OEMs in downsizing and performance enhancement.

Transmission Gears & Shafts
Musashi manufactures an extensive range of fully finished gears and shafts for its renowned customers in the Passenger Car segment.
With our precision forging technology, we deliver net shaped forging finished dog teeth for manual & automatic transmission.

Planetary Assembly
At Musashi India we manufacture and supply the Planetary Assembly to our customers in passenger car segment.
We provide low noise and light weight gears for such applications, and we have an ongoing program to further develop our technology in this area.

We offer a full line up of products from compact to large passenger cars by utilizing our original production lines. Also, we recently started manufacturing concave-shaped(bevel-shaped) camshaft to improve the fuel consumption.

Ball joints
The ball joint works as a joint while steering or tire movement according to dents and bumps on the road and contributes to smooth steering and comfort driving.
We are providing compact, safe and light weight ball joints to our customers with an optimal shape and size for each vehicle. To achieve this, we design our processes by highly-accurate simulation technology, know-how and the integrated inner process through design to evaluation are established.
We contribute to a better driving comfort and safety.